Are you looking for an option to provide a clean, comfortable, and hygienic environment for your workplace? Whether you work in hospitality, food processing, mining, construction, warehousing, or healthcare, air curtains save money while maintaining a comfortable working environment.

What is an air curtain, and can they save money for your business? Whether it’s a new or retrofit installation, Wilcox Door Service has certified technicians specializing in air curtain maintenance and installation. We want you to know everything about air curtains, so you’ll know if it’s the right choice for your business.

What Is an Air Curtain?

Air curtains, also known as air barriers, are fan-powered devices that distribute and maintain indoor air temperature. They work to create an invisible barrier for open doors, separating two environments with different temperature requirements. An air curtain separates the warm and cold air in a commercial environment. It’s beneficial for shops, warehouses, and other types of businesses.

What Are the Benefits of Air Curtains?

A new study has shown that an air curtain reduces energy costs compared to a vestibule. They can also save commercial-industrial building projects tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs compared to these specialized rooms.

There are many additional benefits to using air curtains over a traditional heating and cooling system. Here are the main advantages that these installations can provide:

Energy Efficiency

Studies show that air curtains are more energy efficient than standard entrances. They require less power than HVAC units to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Additionally, air curtains have a good reputation for energy conservation. As a result, air curtains save money while protecting the health of our planet.

Health and Safety

An air curtain ensures that inventory and other goods get stored in a hygienic environment. This technology provides an ideal solution when you need to maintain a cold temperature in a room but need quick and easy access to it. It keeps out the warmer air that doors let in when opening and closing.

Lower Energy Costs

After you install an air curtain, you’ll notice energy savings on your utility bills. These installations help create a comfortable working environment while lowering your monthly energy bills. Over time, they can save money for other projects, including construction costs.

Easy Installation

Air curtains offer easy installation and are easy to maintain and service. A certified technician can perform routine maintenance and situational repairs to keep your new system functioning efficiently.

Comfortable Environment

Air curtains provide a comfortable environment, meaning you won’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations. The constant opening and closing of standard doors contribute to dramatic shifts in room temperature. An air curtain maintains a consistent indoor air temperature, keeping warm air outside and the cooler temps where they belong.

Insect Prevention

A standard door opens and lets in flying insects that can disrupt your working environment, which isn’t the case with an air curtain. Business owners can keep their doors open to encourage a steady traffic flow. The consistent flow of customers can also help boost business earnings.

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