Protect Your Business with Wilcox’s Planned Commercial Door Maintenance Program


Your commercial doors are a critical part of your infrastructure. A door may look simple, but each door has many components that work together to protect your business operations. Commercial doors can serve many purposes:

  • provide safe access for employees and customers
  • keep your building secure
  • keep areas climate controlled
  • protect clean rooms and food processing areas from contamination 
  • prevent rodents, insects, dust, and other contaminants from getting in your building

Commercial doors are built to withstand heavy daily use, but they require care. Regular commercial door maintenance is essential so they continue to work properly — and it helps them last longer.


Unplanned Repairs Create Risks for Your Business

If your company has had a broken door, you know it’s more than an inconvenience. One broken door can create many issues for your company — including financial, safety, and reputational risks.

You want to run your business efficiently and minimize downtime. Even small periods of downtime can hurt your productivity and revenue. Regular maintenance and repairs can protect you from costly business disruptions.

Let’s look at some of the potential risks and the impact to your business.


Emergency Repairs Can Cause Expensive Business Disruptions

When your doors aren’t serviced regularly, your business is at risk of experiencing costly issues. Consider these five scenarios that highlight what can go wrong when one door isn’t working properly:


One of three bay doors has malfunctioned and won’t open. This means employees can’t load or unload trucks as quickly as needed. Truck drivers are delayed getting shipments in and out. 

Operations continue to be disrupted while the issue is assessed and the door is repaired or replaced.

Food manufacturer

A broken door puts food safety at risk. The facility’s temperature can’t be regulated. The risk of rodents, insects, dust, and other contaminants increases. These issues compromise the safety of the food and the health of employees.

Production stops while the door is repaired. The food and open packaging need to be destroyed. The facility needs an expensive cleanup and sterilization process before production can resume. 

If products were distributed before the damage was noticed, the company will need to recall products. It’s an expensive process. The company’s brand reputation and future sales are at risk, because they’ve lost their customers’ trust.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer

A damaged door creates contamination risks in the clean room. This compromises the safety of the products and the reliability of  experiments. Production stops and products get destroyed. After the door is repaired or replaced, an expensive cleanup and sterilization process must be done before production and experimentation can resume.

If products were distributed before the damage was noticed, the company will face an expensive recall. The company’s brand reputation will be damaged, and business will be lost as customers look for new suppliers.

Plumbing supply distributor

The customer entrance is closed because the doors aren’t working. Until the problem is diagnosed and fixed, it’s not safe for customers to use the entrance. 

The customers need their supplies now. While they understand things sometimes go wrong, waiting isn’t an option. They have customers scheduled and need their supplies. They leave and go to a competitor to get what they need. 

The company can’t sell any products until the door is repaired. The issue also creates a risk to future business. It’s possible the customers who went to competitors won’t return. The company may need to increase the amount they spend on marketing and incentives to attract new business.

Property management company

The underground parking garage door in a large office tower has malfunctioned. The property manager doesn’t know how long it will take to get it fixed. The office tower is downtown, and there aren’t enough parking spots nearby to accommodate the tenants and their clients.

The last time this happened, it took a full day to repair the door. The tenants were upset and insisted on partial rent refunds. Most of the tenants are health practitioners, lawyers, and accountants. Many lost business because clients had to cancel appointments when they couldn’t find parking.

The property manager is concerned his company will have to give partial refunds again. Since it’s a repeat issue, he’s worried clients may decide to look for new office space when their leases expire. 

The property management company could end up with significant expenses on top of the rent refunds. Losing clients would mean empty offices that aren’t generating revenue plus time and money spent to attract new tenants. On top of that, the company may have to replace the garage door — a significant expense that wasn’t planned for and wasn’t expected for at least a few years.


Unplanned Repairs Hurt Your Bottom Line and Your Reputation

In each of the scenarios, a broken door results in costly business disruption. Downtime creates loss of production and may mean substantial loss of revenue. 

The scenarios also show the potential for additional large expenses: emergency repairs, destruction of products, recalls, cleaning and sterilization, and new marketing initiatives. There could also be safety implications for employees and customers, and accidents may create liability issues for your business.

Your company’s brand reputation may also be at risk — something that’s difficult to measure and recover from. Brand damage creates additional lost revenue. Repairing your brand reputation can take a long time and may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Protect Your Business with a Planned Maintenance Program

Planned commercial door maintenance is proactive, regularly scheduled maintenance for your commercial doors. It helps identify and fix issues that could lead to bigger, more expensive problems. A planned maintenance program can help prevent bigger issues including breakdowns. 

A planned or preventative commercial door maintenance program can protect your company from unexpected, expensive emergency repairs and the costs associated with downtime and other business disruptions. When you have a plan for regularly scheduled maintenance, service can be arranged for times when there will be the least possible disruption to your business. 

Planned maintenance is an excellent way to ensure your doors get checked thoroughly — on a regular basis. It also helps you ensure regular maintenance is scheduled to meets fire, safety, and building code requirements. And regular maintenance protects the warranties on your commercial garage doors, loading docks, security gates, air curtains, and related products.


Why Choose Wilcox’s Planned Maintenance Program?

At Wilcox Door Service, we’re confident we offer the most reliable and comprehensive preventative maintenance and repair services. Our Planned Maintenance program is the ideal solution to protect your business and give you peace of mind.

Three Key Features of Wilcox’s Planned Maintenance Program

Three key features set Wilcox’s Planned Maintenance program apart from other maintenance services:

  1. You’re never locked into a contract.
  2. Service is provided by a dedicated team of certified, trained technicians.
  3. You receive a thorough 50+ point inspection. 

You Can Count on Our Professional Service Technicians

Doors seldom break without warning. Those warning signs aren’t always easy to spot. That’s why it’s best to have a trained professional service your doors at regular intervals. Wilcox’s certified, trained technicians know what to look for. Our team understands the intricate workings of commercial doors. Our technicians can identify and resolve issues — like wear on parts — so they don’t become large, dangerous, expensive problems.

When one part breaks and isn’t noticed, it can affect the operation of other parts. If the wear on that part is caught early, replacing it is manageable. If it isn’t caught early, the end result could be a bigger problem that can cost thousands of dollars. 

With a Planned Maintenance program from Wilcox, you can be confident your commercial doors are well maintained. Our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough 50+ point inspection and take care of any maintenance or repairs needed. You won’t have to worry about an unplanned, expensive emergency repair or an urgent need for replacement doors. 

Our technicians are trained to maintain and repair all industry brands, and they update their skills and knowledge regularly. They also follow all safety guidelines to help ensure an accident-free environment.

Our Planned Maintenance program can extend the life of your doors, hardware, operators, electrical control panels, access systems, and dock equipment. Our technicians are ready to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your business.

Check out our video to learn more about our Planned Maintenance program and the inspection process.

Benefits of Wilcox’s Planned Maintenance Program

Choosing Wilcox’s Planned Maintenance program makes good business sense. Our program helps you protect your company from unexpected emergency repairs, lost productivity, decreased revenue, and other costly business disruptions. 

Our Planned Maintenance program has many additional benefits for your company. It may be helpful to think of the benefits in three groups: benefits that (1) give you confidence, (2) support your expense management, and (3) reduce risk.

1. Confidence

You can expect a thorough maintenance assessment and know that issues will be resolved before they can become serious problems.

You’ll get reliable maintenance services from a leader in the commercial door industry.

Your investment in your doors is protected by regular maintenance.

You’ll get insight into potential issues and solutions before a serious problem occurs. 

You’ll have access to high-quality product solutions and service when doors need to be replaced

2. Expense Management

You’ll minimize the risk of costly emergency repairs.

You’ll experience fewer work disruptions or unplanned shutdowns caused by emergency service issues.

You won’t have to worry that a repair situation will hurt your productivity and revenue. 

You’ll have lower annual maintenance costs. 

Your doors and related equipment will last longer, and you’ll protect the warranties on this equipment.

3. Risk Reduction

  • You’ll reduce the risk of accidents and will have a safe environment for your employees and customers.
  • You can ensure the safety of the products you manufacture or package.
  • You’ll be able to address minor issues before they escalate and create serious risks for the company.
  • You can reduce the risk of expensive issues that could damage your brand’s reputation and jeopardize future business.
  • Your company won’t be at risk for violation of fire, safety, and building code requirements.


Let’s Connect and Schedule Your Planned Maintenance

We know how important it is for you to protect your business, operate efficiently, and minimize unnecessary and unplanned expenses. Wilcox Door Service’s Planned Maintenance program will help you do that. When you choose Wilcox, you’ll get high-quality service and solutions you can count on.

Contact us today to schedule your commercial door Planned Maintenance program. 

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