Wilcox Door Service Inc. is a proud provider of Blue Giant Loading Dock Systems. Blue Giant is the industry leading provider in the highest quality loading dock levelers. Their products consistently have safety in mind and have innovative solutions to our customers warehouse and loading bay issues.

The Issue

One of our key accounts in the Hamilton Region required both a loading dock and truck restraint to be replaced. The existing equipment had become quite dilapidated. The restraint was torn out because of the anchor bolts and the restraint being outdoors in the weather. Over the years of usage and trucks trying to pull away, or even the strain on forklift trucks driving onto the truck while the restraint was engaged, it crumbled the concrete when trying to remove it.

Existing Truck Restraint

The Solution

Truck Restraint

Wilcox Door provided our customer with top of the line solutions to fix the issues that occurred with their existing equipment. To help with the anchor bolt issue, we installed a 1/2″ plate, offset the anchors to make it solid again. We provided them with a Blue Giant SVR303 Truck Restraint that is a low-profile, non-impact design with a rotating arm that seeks a trailer’s ICC bar via a patented, switchless technology.

Once engaged, it uses 35,000 lb (15,909 kg) of restraining force to secure the truck to the dock. Dual-acting hydraulic cylinders prevent lock-up and release problems.

The Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) constantly communicates the location of the restraint arm via a network that enables the integrated lights communication system to accurately display safety conditions at the loading dock.


Loading Dock

We installed a hydraulic loading dock that had a heavy loading capacity to meet the customers needs. We rated the loading dock to have a usage of 8 trucks off loading/loading on each day to meet the customers needs. The loading dock was equipped with Blue Giants XDS Safety System.


Xtra Dock Safety

If you notice there is a lip that extends above the rest of the loading dock. The Blue Giant XDS prevents forklift roll-off and overhead door damage at the loading dock.

In theory, a loading dock’s overhead doors should be closed when loading or unloading is not taking place. In practice, doors are often left open while the dock leveller is parked, either to let cool air in or get rid of noxious air that has built up throughout the day.

When the XDS is in the parked position, the Door and Dock Guard (DDG) sits 7 1/2″ (191 mm) above ground level, deterring accidental forklift roll-off. When the door is closed, the DDG remains in place, protecting it from impact damage that could result in a security risk and expensive downtime.