How do you know if you need an emergency garage door repair?  Some problems can be less obvious than others.  An experienced maintenance company can identify and resolve many different types of door issues.

Here are some of the most common door issues:

  1. Damaged or broken springs / cables – Garage doors are made up of many components, many of which work behind the scenes. Issues with your door springs can stop your door from opening completely. Cables can break as a result of time/wear-and-tear, lack of maintenance or even a spring snapping. An issue with either a spring or cable will require your door to be inspected immediately due to the integral function of both of these parts.


2. Remote won’t open the door – This can mean that your control panel is malfunctioning. If simply replacing batteries in both your transmitter and/or receiver does not fix the issue, there may be a wiring issue that requires the expertise of a licensed Electrician.


3. Malfunctioning safety sensor – Many times, a door can malfunction due to misalignment of the safety sensor (photo eye) on a garage door. Safety sensors will stop a door from closing if there is an obstruction present. This is an incredibly important feature, but due to the delicate nature of the sensors, they can easily become misaligned. This can cause a door to be stuck in the open position. If there is no object or debris obstructing the door opening, the sensors will likely have to be realigned or in more serious cases, an Electrician will need to have a look a the wiring configuration.


4. Door track damage – Tracks on a garage door can become misaligned or bent, especially after an impact to either the door or tracks. Rust over time can also affect the track. Any type of damage to a door track can prevent the door from functioning smoothly. If the damage is too severe, it can stop the door from opening or closing entirely. Track damage can also cause a gap between the rollers and the track which can stop the door from functioning and can cause a serious safety issue. In some cases, the track can be adjusted to restore normal operation, but in other cases, the track may have to be replaced.