The ProblemĀ 

A valued customer needed a solution for optimal temperature control in an area where they store produce. They had PVC strip curtains that kept getting torn and caught in the machinery, which presented a safety concern. This was also a food processing facility and required a solution that would help reduce contamination of foods.

Old existing PVC Strip Curtains

Joe Iannizi strategized removing the existing PVC curtains to two openings and installing a fully automated TNR Speed Commander 1400 would be an effective solution. The doors are for pedestrian thru and traffic and pump carts. This new installation includes:

  • Two motion sensors
  • A timer to close
  • Full-width vision panel, which provides a visual representation of what is on the opposite side
  • An 8′-0″ high safety light grid as a standard built into the tracks. Opening speeds up to 80″ per second + 30″ per second closing speed
  • Custom Colour

The new installation results in more safety features, temperature control, visibility to the opposite side, and aesthetically pleasing by the colour chosen to meet the customer’s corporate colours.

Check out a video of the Speed Commander here:

TNR Speed Commander Door Install

TNR Speed Commander 1400

Multiple Rubber Doors - new construction
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