The Problem

Our valued Customer had six inflatable dock shelters that were frequently getting damaged. This damage was from a combination of user error and trucks that would damage the 20oz inflatable bags, which would be costly to repair. Moreover, the damaged shelters led to a loss of heat from the building, indirectly adding to the cost.

Old Existing Dock Shelters with 20oz Inflatable Bags

Solution of New L-Pad Installed

New L-Pad Installed

Adam Gilbey strategized that the best solution would be to replace the inflatable shelters with L-pad dock seals with 40oz vinyl. This solution now greatly reduces the likelihood of damage over time. Our Customer is thrilled with the new product’s installation and efficiency, requesting this same solution for more of their locations. Learn more about these seals at: Blue Giant Seals.


Dock Seal after replacement
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