6 Types of Overhead Door Installed – Municipality of Durham

Why is this necessary? Each type of door is designed for a specific purpose. A critical part of your Sales Representative’s role is to determine how the door will be used, how often and more.  

Richards-Wilcox Polytite Sectional Doors

These doors are made of triple-walled polycarbonate panels to provide lightweight, easy operation. Although impact-resistant to an extent, we don’t encourage testing this! Polytites are ideal for car wash bays or anywhere with excessive moisture. As there is a lot of open space outside this building, these doors will have no issues being exposed to sun, wind, rain or snow. These panels also allow for natural lighting and help to reduce winter heating costs. Click to learn more about doors. Specs: Clear anodized aluminum frames, fully glazed, vertical lift, 50,000 cycle springs, featheredge safety edge (stops operation on contact and returns to open position), 3-button push button station, 1.5 second time delay – timer to close and an option to manually operate the chain hoist by disconnecting the power and pulling the small cable link tight to fasten.  

Richards-Wilcox Thermatite T175 Sectional Insulated Doors

Quality insulated doors made with Neufoam™ technology. These doors are ideal as they are made with a continuous foam that doesn’t leave air pockets in between door panels. Specs: Vertical lift, electric operator, 3-button push station, 1.5 second time delay, thru-beam photo cell (if blocked, the door will not close) and a safety edge to discontinue door operation and reverse up when it comes in contact with an object.  

Albany High Speed Rubber Doors

Lower-cost doors that can absorb impacts and decrease energy loss due to it’s high speed. These doors are high-cycle – openings of up to 8,000 per day – commonly found in mining, waste stations, cold-storage, warehousing, automotive, government applications and more. Specs: 4 windows, traffic lights, motion sensor to open from exterior and photo cells to prevent the door from operating if an object crosses it’s path.
Durham RW Polytite Sectional Doors

Polytite Sectional Doors inside view

Polytite Sectional Doors

Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Used for safety and fire protection that drops on detection of fire. This helps prevent the spread of fire and keeps product and personnel safe.
Specs: Galvanized slats, prime white finish, manual chain hoist and a fusible link to allow the door to drop if a fire is detected.


Rolling Steel Fire Shutter

Regular shutters are typically used as a security feature on counter-tops of small businesses or complete storefronts within malls to help prevent theft after hours. In this instance, these shutters are fire-rated to secure a section of the warehouse while still providing visibility while open during work hours.
Specs: Prime white finish, fusible link, electric operation, push-button on/off station, electrical operation, safety edge discontinues operation on contact and a chain link for manual operation if the power goes out.


Rolling Steel Doors

Commonly used as service doors or warehouse separation for commercial, industrial and government settings.

Specs: Prime white finish, electric operation and safety edge. When safety edge is activated and door stops, close buttons have to be pressed until in desired position.

Vertical Rise Polytite Sectional Doors

Large warehouse rubber door air barrier outside view

Large warehouse rubber door air barrier inside view

Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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