Edge of dock leveler installation

Do you operate your business out of a rental unit? So does this manufacture in Stoney Creek. They required a edge of dock leveler but had concerns of investing into a building they didn’t own. What if he re-located? What would happen to this investment? Typically, a loading dock/dock leveler costs range from $7,500 to $20,000 depending on your type of business. The solution was to install an Edge of Dock Leveler which could be removed. These units typically have capacities of anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 lbs.
Edge of dock leveler installation

For added protection and safety dock bumpers where used

Dock bumpers were also part of the project, typically installed against the existing building structure to protect against accidental impact. In this case, Block Risers (grey square unit) help to align the bumpers directly with the leveler. If your currently renting or leasing your property talk to Wilcox Door Services about equipment that doesn’t need to be permanent. Your business can’t operate efficiently without the proper equipment so give us a call to talk about options. Affordable equipment options
Edge of Dock leveler installation

Edge of Dock leveler bumper

Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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