The Problem

A local retirement home required a new parking garage door. Their existing sectional door had exceeded it's life span and the customer was looking for a solution that was high-speed and high-security. They had very tight parameters to install the door; there were lots of pipes, no side room really for us to install the door and very low headroom as well.
pipes blocking garage door

The pipes, low headroom and limited side room we were working with on this opening.

The Solution

With all the parameters around the headroom, pipes and side room of the opening Wilcox needed to source a unique door that would fit the application appropriately. Wilcox partnered with Rytec and their Spiral Low Headroom (LH) Door to suit the application. The Spiral LH door  provides the customer with a high-speed solution for high-traffic areas (like a parking garage), while also meeting low headroom requirements. It has a rigid and aluminum slat construction which provides a high security solution and eliminates the need of a secondary security door. With the style of the slats it also provides a visual appealing solution.

spiral overhead door

Spiral LH from the Interior

side solution door

Side room issues we dealt with

Underground parking garage entrance

Controls to the door

Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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