The Problem

One of our great customers in the rental car business has had many issues over the years with their doors and the ongoing costs of repairs. They have high cycles on their doors are running into costly repairs as they are hit relatively frequently. They were looking for a product that needed speed, but were not quite in the high speed door price range. We developed a plan and solution with them to lower their maintenance and repair costs by installing the right equipment.

The Solution

We installed a Spring-less Polycarbonate Door system.  It’s rated for millions of cycles, and moves the door 3 times faster than a typical operator. It is more expensive than your typical sectional door, but much more affordable than a high speed door if you don’t have that budget.

There bay area is a wet location. We powder coated all the hardware, had sealed bearings, stainless steel cables, and NEMA4 rated electrical components in order to comply with the demands of that environment.


NEMA 4 Operator and Electrical Components

powdercoated hinge

All hardware was powder coated to suit the environment

Inside view of a loading door

Wide shot of a large commercial doors & dock warehouse exterior
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